Fun Stuff

Various things we produced just because . . .


Fun Stuff [Burgh House Media Productions:Fun Stuff]

We occasionally produce things for no particular purpose, just because they are fun.

Some of them are published and some are not. Here are some of them . . .

NOTE: Although due to bandwidth limits the mp3 audio files on this website are 48Kbps mono, the audio we produce for clients is in glorious high-definition STEREO

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‘Things can only get better . . .’

One week there seemed to be an extraordinary amount of bad news. It seemed like everything was going wrong. Prices were going up; services weren’t being provided; bureaucracy was going mad (well, madder than normal) and the ship was late. This was compiled from actual Saint FM (2004-2012) news audio.

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‘Things can only get better . . .’

Click here to download ‘Things can only get better . . .’ [Burgh House Media Productions:Fun Stuff]

‘The male brain-cell reports’

For anyone who’se ever been in a hetrosexual relationship . . .

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‘The male brain-cell reports’

Click here to download ‘The male brain-cell reports’ [Burgh House Media Productions:Fun Stuff]

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