‘Music for Peace & World Unity’

A special programme


‘Music for Peace & World Unity’ Burgh House Media Productions

In May 2008 the entire Turner family presented a special programme on SaintFM (2004-2012) with the theme ‘Music for Peace & World Unity’.

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Production Notes: ‘Music for Peace & World Unity’


SaintFM (2004-2012)

Air Date

May 2008 - single programme


Music and readings


Live with pre-recorded music mixes


Co-presented by the entire Turner family - produced by Void John Turner


There are audio clips below: One of the music-mixes and a reading by Andrew.

Our playlist included:

 Gustav Holst: Jupiter, the Bringer of Peace;

 Paul Simon: Wartime Prayers;

 Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends;

 Kate Bush: Army Dreamers;

 World Party: Message In A Box;

 The Michael Schenker Group: Cry For The Nations;

 Guns N’ Roses: Civil War;

 Suzanne Vega: The Queen and the Soldier;

 Big Country: Peace in Our Time;

 Peter Gabriel: Games Without Frontiers;

 Pink Floyd: Keep Talking;

 Simple Minds: Soul Crying Out

ending with:

 Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Galaxy Song
.. and pray that there’s intelligient life, somewhere out is space, ‘cos there’s XXXXXX all down here on earth.

‘Goodbye Blue Sky’

Inspired by the track ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ (Album: The Wall; Artist: Pink Floyd) and combined with archive audio from World War II.

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to download
‘Goodbye Blue Sky’

Click here to download ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ Burgh House Media Productions ‘Music for Peace & World Unity’

‘All religions teach . . .’

A reading by Andrew, explaining what all religions teach . . .

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to download
‘All religions teach . . .’

Click here to download ‘All religions teach . . .’ Burgh House Media Productions ‘Music for Peace & World Unity’

NOTE: Although due to bandwidth limits the mp3 audio files on this website are 48Kbps mono, the audio we produce for clients is in glorious high-definition STEREO

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