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We presented and produced ‘Rattling Cages’ on SaintFM Community Radio from 2nd April 2016 to 2nd September 2016.

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Burgh House Media Productions withdrew from producing this programme on 2nd September 2016 due to inappropriate actions by the management of SaintFM Community Radio. To learn more see The Programme Blog.


Production Notes: ‘Rattling Cages’


SaintFM Community Radio

Air Dates

2nd April 2016 - 2nd September 2016

Air Times

8:45pm on alternate Saturdays


Talk Programme




Void John Turner & Void Catherine Turner


The purpose of the programme was to give ALL the people of St Helena a voice in the running of their island.

Each week the presenters worked through the week’s newspapers, commenting on the stories. Listeners were invited to call in to express their views on the stories, the presenters’ comments, or on any other contemporary topic. Callers were not put live to air; rather the presenters relayed the views expressed without identifying the caller, thus granting complete anonymity to the caller. In a small community anonymity is essential for people to express their thoughts openly, free from ‘comeback’. Calls were accepted from anybody.

As the programme was broadcast after the “watershed” it was possible to relay relatively strong views expressed by callers. However the presenters were rigorous in filtering out any personal content or ‘hate speech’ from what was relayed. Views were relayed even if the presenters did not personally agree with them. A ‘Disclaimer’ was broadcast regularly to clarify the presenters’ positions{1}.

The Programme Blog

The programme’s blog recorded the views expressed by callers. It did not record the comments made by the presenters, except where this was necessary to explain the caller’s comments.

As the blog was also re-printed in the following week’s St Helena Independent, more extreme comments made by listeners were not reported verbatim in the blog.

The Rattling Cages ‘Disclaimer’…

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Rattling Cages ‘Disclaimer’.

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{1} “You’re listening to Rattling Cages. Any views expressed are those of the individual concerned and are not necessarily those of SaintFM Community Radio or any organisations with which the individual may be involved.”.

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