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From March 2006 to April 2010 on SaintFM (2004-2012), and again from March 2013 to July 2013 on SaintFM Community Radio, we presented and produced the ‘Rock Plus’ programme.

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Below: Production Notes: ‘Rock Plus’ • Hawking and the Human Canon • RockPlus Blog • Useful Statistics

Production Notes: ‘Rock Plus’


SaintFM (2004-2012) / SaintFM Community Radio

Air Dates

March 2006 to April 2010 (SaintFM (2004-2012)) and March 2013 to July 2013 (SaintFM Community Radio)

Air Times


Rock music with other features




Void John Turner

Hawking and the Human Canon

Hawking and the Human Canon Burgh House Media Productions ‘Rock Plus’

As a bit of fun Void John Turner used the speech synthesiser on the computer to give it a voice. Due to its sound, it was named “Hawking”{1}. Hawking has made various appearances and also done a few of the programme jingles. This appearance related to a story about a human cannon, which Hawking said he wanted to re-enact.

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Hawking and the Human Canon.

Click here to listen to Hawking and the Human Canon Burgh House Media Productions ‘Rock Plus’


The RockPlus Blog

Heard a track on RockPlus and can’t identify it? Check out the RockPlus blog for a complete list of everything played on RockPlus{2}.

Useful(?) Statistics

These statistics give a flavour of what to expect from RockPlus.

Most Played Artists

  1. Rainbow

  2. Pink Floyd

  3. Deep Purple

  4. Bon Jovi

  5. Led Zeppelin

  6. Genesis

  7. Oasis

  8. Busted

  9. Black Sabbath

  10. Jimi Hendrix

  11. David Bowie

  12. Queen

  13. Scorpions

  14. U2

  15. Peter Gabriel

  16. Cream

  17. Alice Cooper

  18. Dire Straits

  19. Rolling Stones

  20. Yes

  21. Thin Lizzy

  22. AC-DC

  23. Derek and the Dominos

  24. Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  25. Avril Lavigne

  26. Supertramp

  27. Creed

  28. Tom Petty

  29. Whitesnake

  30. Aerosmith

Most Played Albums

  1. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
    Derek and the Dominos

  2. Live in the Heart of the City

  3. Symptom of the Universe- The Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)
    Black Sabbath

  4. Live And Dangerous - In Concert
    Thin Lizzy

  5. The Ultimate Yes

  6. Rocking All Over the Years- The Greatest Hits
    Status Quo

  7. Addictions, vol 1
    Robert Palmer

  8. Greatest Hits
    ZZ Top

  9. Hot Rocks, 1964-1971
    Rolling Stones

  10. The Best of 1980-1990

  11. Cornerstones- 1967-1970 Greatest Hits
    Jimi Hendrix

  12. Present for Everyone

  13. Greatest Hits
    Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

  14. No Quarter, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded
    Page & Plant

  15. Shrinking Violets
    Geoff Byrd

  16. The Singles Collection
    David Bowie

  17. Alias

  18. Deepest Purple- The Very Best of Deep Purple
    Deep Purple

  19. My Generation- The Very Best of the Who

  20. One Night at Budokan
    Michael Schenker Group

  21. Cross Road
    Bon Jovi

  22. Bat out of Hell

  23. Box Of Rain
    Box Of Rain

  24. Idol Songs- 11 of the Best
    Billy Idol

  25. Kick

  26. Welcome to the Pleasuredome
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  27. Greatest Hits
    Lenny Kravitz

  28. Greatest Hits

  29. Straight Shooter
    Bad Company

  30. Greatest Hits
    Neil Young

Most Played Tracks

  1. Sweet Child O’ Mine
    Appetite for Destruction
    Guns N’ Roses

  2. Zombie
    No Need to Argue

  3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Hell to Pay
    Jeff Healey Band

  4. Radar Love
    Golden Earring

  5. Big Log
    The Principle of Moments
    Robert Plant

  6. The Boys of Summer
    Building the Perfect Beast
    Don Henley

  7. I Like the Way

  8. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

  9. No More mr Nice Guy
    No More mr Nice Guy

  10. The Road to Hell (Pt 2)
    Road to Hell
    Chris Rea

  11. Silver Machine
    In Search of Space

  12. Crazy Crazy Nights
    Crazy Nights

  13. Fire
    One And Only Hit
    Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

  14. I Believe in a Thing Called Love
    Permission to Land

  15. The Messiah Will Come Again
    After the War
    Gary Moore

  16. Purple Haze
    Prince of Darkness
    Ozzy Osbourne

  17. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2 (Extended)
    The Wall
    Pink Floyd

  18. The Battle of Evermore (Live)
    No Quarter, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded
    Page & Plant

  19. The Final Countdown
    The Final Countdown

  20. Freakin’ Out
    Happiness in Magazines
    Graham Coxon

  21. Layla
    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
    Derek and the Dominos

  22. Nuclear Attack
    Greg Lake
    Greg Lake

  23. Put Your Lights On (with Carlos Santana)
    Eat At Whitey’s

  24. Riders On The Storm
    The Very Best of the Doors

  25. Run
    Final Straw
    Snow Patrol

  26. Southern Man
    Greatest Hits
    Neil Young

  27. Such a Fool

  28. We Used to Be Friends
    Welcome to the Monkey House
    Dandy Warhols

  29. Bohemian Like You
    Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
    Dandy Warhols

  30. Dakota
    Language Sex Violence Other-

Data as at 29th April 2013 (actually includes RockPlus - in all it’s time-slots - and ‘The Sunday Night Rock Show’)

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{1} After the scientist Steven Hawking who, due to suffering from a motor neuron disease, is almost entirely paralysed and communicates through a speech generating device.{2} Since 18th March 2013. For older programmes see rockplusbhmp.blogspot.com.

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