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When Radio St Helena closed down its archives were taken to our Museum. We have been digitising the audio tapes.

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Project Notes: Radio St Helena Archives

Radio St Helena was the island’s broadcast station from its inauguration, on 25th December 1967, until it closed down on 25th December 2012. During that time it built up a vast archive of recordings, featuring island events, visiting people, official speeches, etc. Much of this was held on reel-to-reel tape and cassette tape. In October 2018 we began working for the Museum of St Helena to process these tapes to digital files, in order that they could be more readily accessed for historical reasearch and other purposes.

The actual digitisation process is simple, but rather lengthy - each tape has to be played and recorded onto a computer which captures the audio into an .mp3 file. It is not possible to do this at double-speed or faster because of the resulting loss in quality. So the project will take some time to complete!

There are no examples on this site but there are many on Saint Helena Island Info. If you go to the Radio St Helena page the ‘Audio Clips’ section has many examples. The full set can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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