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SaintFM was an independent radio station that served St Helena from 3rd January 2005 until its closure on 21st December 2012. See SaintFM (2004-2012) for more.

During 2005/6 the radio team at SaintFM created a number of rather cool adverts. Anyone who was on St Helena at the time will remember them fondly. So as a tribute to all that imagination and creativity, we present some of them below.

The voices you’ll hear are mostly those of the station’s presenters at the time: Mike Olsson, Emma-Jane Yon, Angela Williams and (voluntary presenter) Joe Terry. Note also appearances by Bernice Olsson, wife of Mike, and other voices we can’t identify{1}.

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Please note that Burgh House Media Productions had nothing to do with the production of these adverts. We are carrying them here simply because they are part of the history of SaintFM and it’s good to hear them again… with one exception!.


Below: Thorpe’s adverts • Victoria and Queen Mary Stores • Public Works & Services • Station trailers • And last, and very probably least…

Thorpe’s adverts

Thorpe’s is a grocery and hardware store in Jamestown (also with an outlet in Sandy Bay). Its owner, Nick Thorpe, was a strong suporter of SaintFM and paid for several advertisements. Here are a few:



Joe and Bernice, probably produced during St Helena’s notoriously wet winter months



Emma_Jane and Joe (the “knight in greasy overalls”)

Die, fly, die!


Joe, solo, with some truly gooey sound effects

Banyan Cottage


Joe, solo, out in the wilds of Sandy Bay, where “no electricity” is a selling point!

You’ve got milk


Emma-Jane, Joe and an unrecognised female voice{1}

The cow is called ‘Buttercup’, not ‘Daisy’ as would have been more commonplace. Joe’s wife is called Daisy…

Victoria and Queen Mary Stores

As far as we know the Victoria and Queen Mary Stores only ran one advert on SaintFM:

Make your money go further


Mike Olsson himself plus the Pink Panther Theme.

This advert made our dog howl every time it came on. We never found out why.

Public Works & Services

We have no idea why the government’s Public Works & Services department would want to advertise (it’s not as if anyone had a choice about using it) but it did:

We built this city


Voluntary presenter Paul Hickling with the voiceover.

Not to be picky, but PW&SD most certainly did not build this city (Jamestown); most of it is Georgean and pre-dates PW&SD by around 200 years!

Station trailers

Naturally SaintFM also used its airwaves to promote itself:

Station website


Emma-Jane Yon with an upbeat trailer for station’s website

Advertise on SaintFM


Emma-Jane Yon and Angela Williams promoting advertising on the station and its sister newspaper

Emma-Jane’s Lunchtime Show


Emma-Jane Yon promoting her own Lunchtime Show, and isn’t that also Vincent Price?

And last, and very probably least…

You know the way some adverts irritate:

The dreaded “Coffee Shop” jingle


From 2009. For a long time this was played immediately after the news broadcast. It was a race to get to the ‘off’ switch first…

{1} If you can identify this person, please contact us.

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