‘Saint FM Investigates’

An offbeat look at a topical subject


‘Saint FM Investigates’ [Burgh House Media Productions:‘Saint FM Investigates’]

We produced, and co-presented the ‘Saint FM Investigates’ series.

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Production Notes: ‘Saint FM Investigates’


Saint FM (2004-2012)

Air Dates

August 2005 to February 2006

Air Times

Various times; various lengths


Satirical look at a subject




John Turner [Burgh House Media Productions:‘Saint FM Investigates’] John Turner and members of the Saint FM (2004-2012) staff


We had great fun making them. They’re too long to put on this site but one of the outtakes is worth a listen. Go here to listen to Emma-Jane Yon having trouble reading a script.

Emma-Jane Yon having trouble reading a script.

As part of the Special for the 2005 General Election, her task was to read a genuine letter from a constituent to her local councillor…

Click on the image
to listen to
Emma-Jane Yon having trouble reading a script..

Click here to listen to Emma-Jane Yon having trouble reading a script. [Burgh House Media Productions:‘Saint FM Investigates’]

NOTE: Although due to bandwidth limits the mp3 audio files on this website are 48Kbps mono, the audio we produce for clients is in glorious high-definition STEREO

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